Our Story

Niblock’s GTMA  is owned by Grand Master Marilyn Niblock and Apprentice Grand Master Michael Niblock and has been in business since 1986. The Masters Niblock began their martial arts training over 30 years ago. As they progressed through their training, they realized that as instructors they would have the ability to give people the knowledge they need to set goals, achieve physical fitness and to protect themselves. They challenge all their students to do their best, from the youngest students to the most seasoned instructors.

Master Marilyn Niblock was the highest ranking female in the ATA and earned the honor of becoming the first female Chief Master in 2011. The Niblocks are two of the Founding Masters of the Global Traditional Martial Arts organization and after testing and earning the rank of Grand Master, Marilyn Niblock is now the highest ranking female in the GTMA as well.

The GTMA is blazing trails and leading by example. A leader’s job is not to create followers, but to create MORE LEADERS!